- The tastiest sauce without meat -

Vegetarisch (Vegetarian) Onwijs (Incredible) Lekker (Delicious), or VOL5: a traditional sauce that contains 5 types of vegetable and unique seasoning. Each ingredient in this sauce is of superior quality. 

 VOL5 is aimed at the food professional and has a rich, full flavour that gives the same sense of satisfaction as meat. A good attribute, considering the sauce was developed to accompany any dish as a condiment. VOL5 can therefore be used in vegetarian, vegan, meat, fish and poultry dishes. The sauce has an incredible taste and produces a delightfully fatty mouthfeel that lingers on the lips. An added benefit is that the sauce is ready to use and ideal for adding your own finishing touch. In short, a quick and tasty solution for vegetarian, vegan and any other dishes. 

An increasing number of guests have special dietary requirements. Allergies and intolerances to lactose, gluten and soya are no longer the exception and people are actively opting for vegan dishes more and more. Special dietary requests can disrupt efficiency in the kitchen as well as the flavour balance of a carefully conceived dish. You need not worry about the sauce with VOL5 ‘jus de vegetable’. The sauce is wholly vegan and is comparable to a good homemade jus de veau in terms of flavour. This makes VOL5 an ideal base sauce to which you can give your own identity and use in various dishes.

- Pascal Jalhay, Master Chef and owner of Bij de Molen in Laren
"You can recognise a chef by his sauces, VOL5 provides the base in all its simplicity, you add your signature with your own cooking. 
VOL5 is the biggest taste sensation of recent times, bringing together complex flavours, structure and innovation in your sauce." 


VOL5 sauce…

  • Is vegetarian and vegan but is also suitable for use with fish, meat and poultry
  • Tastes delicious, with a fatty mouthfeel that lingers on the lips
  • Is ready to use and ideal for adding your own finishing touch
  • Can be reduced as desired for an even more intense flavour
  • Contains only one allergen, namely celery 
  • Is packaged in 1 litre cooking bags
  • Is supplied frozen and has a best before date of 2 years
  • Has a shelf life of at least 10 days in the packaging once defrosted



- Dick Middelweerd, Chef and owner of De Treeswijkhoeve (2 Michelin Stars), Waalre

"VOL5 sauce is a base sauce that can be used widely, a product of which you determine the intensity yourself by cooking in the stock and adapting it to complement your own creation". 


Vegetable stock (water, vegetable 61%: onion, cabbage, celeriac (celery), carot, beetroot), modified potato starch,  tomato paste , natural falvouring (gluten free barley), salt, herbs

Nutritional Information

100 gram contains: 
Energy (kJ/kcal) 181/43 - Fat 0,3g -  Saturates  0,2g -  Carbohydrate 9,0g -  Sugars  2,9g -  Protein 1,1g - Salt 0,7g

Preparation advice

VOL5 sauce is supplied frozen in 1 litre cooking bags and can be heated in a steamer or saucepan.
Steamer: Heat the sauce in the packaging
Saucepan: Heat the sauce at medium temperature while stirring (also suitable for bain-maries)

Jacco Rozenberg – Restaurant Service and Chief-cook at the KNVB Campus -
"VOL5 – This delightfully intense appetising and traditional vegetable gravy is the right choice for our footballer guests." 

And another thing... 

We are proud to be able to contribute to a better world with VOL5. The product is wholly plant-based, sustainably produced, contains no meat thus contributes to lower CO2 emissions, is a frozen product and therefore produces less waste, and contributes to a better life for people and animals.