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Cabbage Wellington with VOL5 vadouvan sauce

Provencal sauce
A gorgeous rich sauce with fresh herbs from Provence.

VOL5 is the perfect basis for an appetising risotto. 

Red wine sauce

A classic sauce with a deep character. 


Stew chuck steak, shallots and rosemary in VOL5 sauce. No need for bouquet garni!

Mushroom sauce

A full, Umami-rich sauce. 


Amuse - Banqueting

Green pepper sauce 

Add green peppercorns and finely chopped shallots to the sauce. 

Fried mushrooms
Candied with VOL5. Umami bomb.

Garlic sauce 

Add black garlic and a touch of chili pepper for a rich garlic sauce. 

Dutch Lamb
A perfect sauce for meat, poultry and even fish.

Asiatic sauce 

Add chopped ginger and soy sauce to VOL5 and allow it to steep with bruised lemongrass for an Asiatic flavour. 

Amuse - Banqueting

Italian sauce 

Add finely sliced shallots, tomato cubes, sage, olives and capers for a tangy Italian sauce. 

Beetroot en croûte
Served with VOL5 sauce.