-How it started -

Demand for purity, flavour and vegetables and the lack of an authentic ‘jus de vegetable’ on the market gave us the idea of developing VOL5. We gave participants in our umami masterclasses reduced celery in blind tastings and time and again they told us it tasted like gravy. But there was still too much lacking to turn it into a high quality ready-to-use sauce. At Food Things! we specialise in food innovation, so we were up for the challenge!
We have spent two years developing the right combination of Dutch farm vegetables, herbs and spices, and the technique for fine-tuning and perfecting our traditional vegetarian and vegan sauce. A sauce of which the flavour truly is the most important element, even more so than the vegetarian and vegan aspect. We really had to apply all our expertise and the techniques we have learned to pull it off and make the sauce suitable for every kind of dish. We are proud of the result, proud of the taste of VOL5, and proud it helps reduce the consumption of meat.
We can say without a doubt that VOL5 is of high quality, has an exceptional taste, and is uniquely simple to use. A sauce with a silver lining, the answer to the quest of many for sustainable food that contains less meat.


 -About Guus -

Guus Vredenburg is the developer of VOL5 and the owner of Food Things! Guus is trained in gastronomy. He started as a 15-year old ‘commis de cuisine’ in a restaurant with a master-chef running the kitchen.

He spent 23 years of his career working in the best kitchens of the Netherlands and Europe, including companies with 1 to 3 Michelin stars. Flavour, quality and technique are the keywords that Guus and Food Things! represent and vegetables are his passion.

Following his illustrious career in international kitchens, Guus founded Food Things! His business specialises in product development for the foodservice and food industries. The most diverse products have meanwhile been developed, with the fifth flavour Umami as a guide.